Managed WordPress Hosting and Maintenance

Managed WordPress Hosting Details

Monthly – NT$ 1,300
Annually – NT$ 15,600
(Annual plan renewal NT$ 14,300)

1 2GB local storage*
2 10,000 visits / month
3 Firewall
4 Daily backups
5 Free SSL certificates
6 Threat Detection
7 Caching technology for speed (EverCache®)
8 CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Each site has 2GB local storage. If the usage goes over, we add 5GB local storage and charge additional NT$ 1,500 per year.

WordPress Maintenance

Monthly – NT$ 1,000
Annually – NT$ 12,000


1 WordPress core upgrades
2 Plugins upgrade and conflict resolution
3 Resolving WordPress conflicts
4 Free SSL certificate installation
5 Plugin installation &

Monthly maintenance does not include website content updates and the development of new features. Please contact us for a consultation.
WordPress maintenance plan only applies to websites that are hosted by etiquette studio. If you need WordPress maintenance service for another hosting please contact us.

WordPress Maintenance & Content Updates

Price varies based on the complexity of site content


1 Including all WordPress Maintenance services
2 Content updates

This plan does not include the development of new features. Please contact us for a consultation.

  1. 網站超出主機正常使用量時改需善網站效能並接受改善建議,如持續未改善,本公司有權暫停網站運作,直至改善為止。
  2. 主機規格如需更多使用資源,請與我們聯絡協助規劃更高階之硬體規格。
  3. 不得建置有危社會良善風俗之網站內容,舉凡色情、賭博、詐騙、SEO 作弊網站、內容農場包括但不限於以上所列之項目,如經發現,本公司有權暫停網站運作,直至不當內容移除。

Last Modified Date: 05/02/2019